IAC Network

The CCA group was founded in 1980 by Dieter R Klostermann, CCA’s chairman. CCA now operates in over 16 countries including the United Kingdom and has sold over 70,000 Club Memberships.

CCA’s philosophy is to develop clubs based on the principles of professional excellence, quality operations, exceptional service and the promotion of business contacts in a convivial setting. CCA clubs include City Business Clubs, City Business Athletic Clubs, Golf and Country Clubs and more recently, Resort Clubs.

Each club even within the same category has an original design and its own unique atmosphere and character.

The Berlin Capital Club is part of the CCA International Limited network and caters to the highest possible standards as an exclusive Business and City Club.

Every Member of the Berlin Capital Club automatically becomes affiliated into the International Associate Clubs (IAC) organisation and as a result members are allowed non-member privileges at nearly 250 prestigious clubs world-wide.

Present the IAC Membership Card when visiting one of the clubs to enjoy all of the privileges that membership allows. Every club has its own special ambiance and provides an excellent venue for meetings, conferences and all of the sports available at the different clubs. At the same time all those clubs Members can use the Berlin Capital Club facilities when visiting Berlin.

A current world-wide directory is available from the Clubs Reception and shows full contact details for nearly 250 clubs spread far and wide.

For more details visit the IAC-Europe web page at www.iacworldwide.com.

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