Membership Categories

The Executive Committee decides about the membership at the BERLIN CAPITAL CLUB. Every candidate must submit a completed application form. Priority will be given to those candidates recommended by existing members as well as additional nominees of Corporate Members. All categories of membership are subject to the valid rules of the BERLIN CAPITAL CLUB which may be updated from time to time. All privileges of the club also apply to your spouse. All prices are subject to the valid value added tax.

  • Individual Membership
    Individual Members, who are eligible to all privileges of the BERLIN CAPITAL CLUB as well as the network of all International Associate Clubs, have to be 21 years of age or over. The joining fee for members of the Club is € 4.500,00. The annual due is € 1.475,00. When joining during the year, dues are calculated pro rata.
  • Corporate Membership
    Corporate Membership can be acquired in the name of the corporation. Commercial and freelance companies as well as partnerships can apply for this. A Corporate Membership may be fully transferred to another company. A Corporate Member may suggest a person who would like to take out the amenities of the BERLIN CAPITAL CLUB. The joining fee for a Corporate Membership is € 6.700,00 and includes the membership of two members. The annual due is € 1.475,00. Corporate Members who need to cease their membership at the BERLIN CAPITAL CLUB due to private or job-related reasons can name another person in their place as member. This is under the condition that the Executive Committee approves and a payment, fixed by the club, is made.
  • Additional Nomination of Corporate Members
    The joining fee for every additional member is € 2.250,00. The annual due for every internal member within the corporate membership amounts to € 1.475,00.
  • Life Membership
    People aged 21 or over can apply for Life Membership. There are only limited assignments. These members are paying besides the one-off joining fee € 32.000,00 no annual dues.
  • Transferability of Membership
    Each membership is transferable to an individual, company, partnership or association. This takes effect, when the application has been approved by the Executive Committee of the Club and the necessary transfer fee, fixed by the Club, has been paid.
  • Termination
    Leaving the club is possible when notice is given in writing at least 90 days in advance of the end of the year. The joining fee cannot be offset from amounts owed to the club, nor can the joining fee be repaid.

Advantages of a membership

  • Building networks has never been as important as today
    Business men from various branches meet at the Berlin Capital Club for private and business interchange. The Berlin Capital Club is one of the few places where business networking is coming together. In addition, the internal membership directory provides the opportunity to present yourself and your company as well as contacting other club members.
  • What really counts is your choice of contacts
    Due to strict eligibility criteria – “Members by recommendation only” – the circle of over 1.300 members remains harmoniously despite steady enlargement.
  • Enjoy your benefits of a network with worldwide participations
    As member of the Berlin Capital Club you are welcome to visit nearly 250 clubs worldwide. You will enjoy highest quality and best possibilities for business meetings, conferences, private get-togethers and sports activities.
  • Privileges for Cosmopolites
    Co operations with exclusive hotels provide you with special member privileges like up-grades or preferred organizations of golf events.
  • You are not alone
    Spouses and partners are included in your membership and may visit the club independently by using their own membership card.
  • The most interesting events in the capital
    As member of the Berlin Capital Club you receive a wide range of invitations to exclusive events. The constant publishing of our event calendar supports you by planning your schedule. Despite of political, economical, diplomatically and athletics events we offer a comprehensive cultural programme not only at the club but also at premieres at Berlin’s Theatres and Operas. Your member’s concierge service completes this cultural diversity. Last but not least our on going events “members-get-together” enable you to build valuable contacts.
  • Be a host at Berlin’s most beautiful location
    Members take advantage of the club’s meeting facilities free of charge and have access to complementary WLAN. Accompanied by you, your guests are always welcome and they will remember our club’s special style and its welcoming environment forever.
    At one of the most beautiful places in Europe you have the chance to arrange invitations and Diners for up to 600 guests and let us do the entire organisation for you where you only are to look after your guests and indulge them. Our prices are reasonable for the members who welcome the excellent quality when selecting food & drinks, what is more: leading restaurants in town are simply not to compete with the standard that the Berlin Capital Club offer!